16 Front Door Paint Colors For A Brick House (With Pictures)

Bricks have been universal choices for home exteriors. They give the home exterior a rustic, industrial look while remaining trendy and transitional. Whether you have a white brick house or a red brick house, there’s a broad palette of door color options to complement its style. Today, I’ll help you pick the best of these front door color options for your brick home.

Generally, choosing the door colors for a brick house is easier because the brick color itself limits your choices. But, we dug into the color wheel and curated 16 dynamic colors for the front doors of your brick house. Read on to explore them all!

Front Door Colors That Pair Well With A Brick House

1. A Venerable Red Front Door

Red Front Door

Choose a red door if you want a dominating yet inviting house. Red front doors contrast the exteriors of a baroque-style white brick house and appear uniform. A nouveau riche red paint color creates flashy homes that boost curb appeal and look modern.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Heritage Red’ is a bold alternative to the fusion-style exteriors of an eye-catching white brick house. A ‘Pomegranate’ red is a muted option of the same color for modern, industrial homes. A ‘Caliente’ red shutter will offer a subtle contrast with a brown and red brick home while keeping it cohesive.

2. A Peppy Yellow Front Door

Yellow Front Door

A cheerful yellow color will look inviting and steal the limelight on the street. Being a bold color in itself, yellow enlivens the exteriors of Mediterranean homes and contrasts white brick subtly. Moreover, a yellow front door is perfect for south-facing homes as it absorbs heat and stays warm.

Bright yellows like ‘Sunshine’ by Benjamin Moore create a striking entryway for red brick houses but might look overwhelming for some. Hence, it is better to use a pastel yellow door as a fool-proof option to door color ideas.

3. A Stately Maroon Front Door

Maroon Red Front Door

A maroon front door is an extravagant option for luxurious Georgian homes. Though not as vibrant as red, maroon neutralizes the tones of brick and looks more balanced.

However, a maroon front door might darken the red brick exterior color and make it monotonous. Hence, choose maroon paint for white brick houses only, and add chrome hardware and white trim for sophistication.

4. A Lively Orange Front Door

Orange Front Door

An orange door is ideal for south-facing homes with a Mediterranean design. A rustic orange shade adds a dramatic and dynamic look to the plain, neutral brick exterior.

Orange doors blend in seamlessly with brown brick exteriors. Hence, if you want modern, eye-catching homes, choose bright orange paint like ‘Festive Orange’ by Benjamin Moore and complete the look with white trim.

5. An Adaptable Brown Front Door

Brown Front Door

Brown is a flexible, adaptive alternative that complements brick tones and offers a high-end look. Tried and tested for ages, brown paint remains the most straightforward choice for homeowners who do not like to experiment.

Although brown generally gives a traditional look, it will appear more modern with a sleek white trim. If you have brown or red brick houses, use saturated browns such as ‘Marshlands’ by Benjamin Moore to create a focus for the door, whereas if you have a white brick house, choose muted browns like ‘Hiking Trail’ by Benjamin Moore for an elegant look.

6. An Animated Pink Front Door

Pink Front Door

If you want an eye-catching brick house, pick an on-trend pink paint door. A light-hearted pink provides a smooth and bright finish with the rough red brick exterior. With red or brown bricks, pink follows the floral look of English country-style homes, whereas white brick goes back to the times of Art Deco.

As a thumb rule, never use vibrant pinks with brown brick. Instead, use muted shades like ‘Pink Sea Shell’ by Benjamin Moore for a rich, imperial look. Pair saturated pinks with white brick for fusion-style homes, but ensure a cream-colored trim and metal hardware for a sober look.

7. A Noble Purple Front Door

Purple Front Door

Crisp, bold purple front doors give a gorgeous contrast with brick homes and look transitional in design. Brick homes with purple shutters look more refined than the rest for modern, minimal homes.

If you have earthy red brick, use the ‘Autumn purple’ to stay warm and cohesive. Alternatively, use muted purples like ‘Your Majesty’ by Benjamin Moore with the white brick siding for a serene, countryside look.

8. A Refreshing Plum Front Door

Plum Front Door

Plum paint is a closer alternative to purple for modern homes and looks rich and luxurious. An on-trend plum paint color adds drama to fusion-style homes and balances the saturation without overpowering the design style.

Plum softly accents the undertones of brown and red brick, whereas it adds a visual pop to white brick homes. ‘Passion Plum’ by Benjamin Moore is one shade that helps a north-facing entry door repel heat but appears warm and inviting.

9. A Supple Eggshell Green Front Door

Eggshell Green Front Door

A pastel tone of fresh green, eggshell green keeps homes classic and organic. This shade reflects light and makes red brick exteriors bright and uncluttered. Thus, it is an ideal option for east-facing countryside homes.

Choose the eggshell green front door for a space that welcomes the eastern light and skip it if you have dark-colored roofs that might dominate the door paint color.

10. A Serene Dark Green Front Door

Dark Green Front Door

Dark green front doors will give a crisp and calm Rococo design style paired with brick siding. Ideal for an on-trend luxurious look, a dark green color like ‘Hunter Green’ by Benjamin Moore oozes a balance with brick exteriors and looks complete.

However, dark green works only with brownish or white bricks and might appear out of frame for a bright red brick house.

11. An Imperial White Front Door

White Front Door

Choose an on-trend but timeless, white front door to create the aesthetic of new-classical home decor in a modern home. White front doors break the monotony of bricks and appear clutter-free.

Although a white door contrasts red or brown bricks, it brightens a white brick exterior and looks cohesive. A white door with white trim will vibe with typical Scandinavian homes and appear crisp, clean, and modern. But, if paired with a brownish trim color, white doors will appear vintage and dwell on a French-country vibe.

If you have a red brick or orange brick, pair neutral whites like Benjamin Moore’s ‘Simply White’ for high contrast. On the other hand, use a warm white paint color like ‘Swiss coffee’ by Benjamin Moore to be more visible against the white brick siding.

12. A Classic Black Front Door

Black Front Door

A black front door is the best color for traditional homes that look dominant and mysterious. While black is not a caring color, it enumerates a high-end luxury and provides a powerful contrast to a brick home. ‘Black Panther’ by Benjamin Moore is one such shade that helps homes follow the trend but stay introverted.

Black is a traditional shade but can be customized to achieve a modern look. For a contemporary, industrial home, use charcoal black front doors like ‘Soot’ by Benjamin Moore instead of jet-black shutters for a more toned-down ambiance. Complete the exterior door with white trim and add metal hardware that pops out softly.

13. A Sleek Dark Gray Front Door

Gray Front Door

Dark gray shutters are the most straightforward choice for contemporary homes with an eclectic design. Dark gray doors do not appear devoid of color as black but ooze the same sophistication, proving to be better choices at times.

A dark-gray front door complements the exteriors of red or brown brick homes, allowing a more uniform appearance, whereas it adds dynamism to white-brick homes. Use Benjamin Moore’s ‘Stonington Gray’ for a fool-proof, muted shade of gray that works well with various brick sidings for a modern-day house.

14. The Peppy Teal Front Door

Peppy Teal Front Door

Trendy teal blue front doors are perfect for coastal brick homes with a nautical design. Teal neutralizes the naturally saturated accents of brick exteriors and looks calmer and inviting. However, teal is a bright hue and might not pair well with pale brown brick exteriors. In such a case, try a refined wythe blue for softer contrasts and balance.

Benjamin Moore’s ‘Cool Aqua’ is a high-contrast teal color that will complement your white exterior brick, while ‘Teal Ocean’ is a slightly dark hue that will work well with brown bricks.

15. A Robust Beige Front Door

Beige Front Door

The beige front door is an alternative to white for brick homes with a country-style design. Beige is a maintenance-free door color that softly accents brick texture and looks richer. Perfect for south-facing houses, Benjamin Moore’s ‘Shaker Beige’ will appear sophisticated when completed with white trim.

16. A Royal Navy Blue Front Door

Navy Blue Front Door

Navy blue is a bold color that pairs well with luxurious new-classical brick houses. Vintage navy blue paint complements brown brick sidings and adds dramatic contrast to a white brick.

Despite its luxury, navy blue can make house exteriors look dark and frosty. Hence, navy blue front doors must have glass panels with white trim. Benjamin Moore’s ‘Old Navy’ will stay royal, whereas Vandeusen blue is a toned-down option of the same color.

Which Door Colors Work Well With A White Brick?

White is a universal shade and complements various colors from the color wheel. While teal remains the best accent color for a white brick house, you can select oranges and yellows if you have a south-facing entry. White also works with blacks and navy blues, but these combinations are not really trendy.

Which Colors Pair Well With A Brown Brick House?

Eggshell green and yellow are the best colors to select for a brown brick house with a French country-style design. These colors appear trendy and complement the aesthetic of a modern home. However, if you live on an olden street, select neutrals like beige or white to appear cohesive.

Brick homes naturally limit color choices and pair with selective accent colors and a neutral color palette. Although color preferences vary, this guide will help you pick a door color that looks stunning regardless of the design you want! If you need more exciting front door ideas for your tan house, we’ve got you covered.