Best Furniture Colors for Gray Walls (9 Timeless Ideas)

We are at a pivotal point in design now, where everything is so visible and easy to see because of the virtual world. Some people have an understanding of what is pleasing to the eye; if not, they often hire an interior designer to help them make challenging decisions.

For those that do not have that option, choosing the right furniture with the best wall paint can be a daunting task. I am here to help you navigate through the process and better understand what furniture goes best with gray walls.

Key Takeaways

  • Gray walls look stunning when paired with natural wood, rust, black, or cream/off-white, and ivory furniture. 
  • Rich jewel tones like ruby red, teal, deep green, sapphire blue, and mustard are excellent furniture color to add a pop of color to your gray home. 
  • Furniture with textured upholstery and channel tufting pairs well with neutral gray walls. 
  • It’s important to know the types of gray paint you have on your walls, and which undertones it has. This will help you decide the rest of the color palette easily! 

Knowing the Shades of Gray on Your Walls

At one point in time, Gray was considered a rather dull color and not appealing to use as decor for most homeowners. But today, most Interior Designers often see this color as one of the best neutrals.

There are so many different gray shades to choose from, especially when it comes to paints. And when choosing furniture for a house with gray-painted walls, it’s important to decipher what shade of gray you are working with.

To figure this out, you must know there are three undertones in gray paint: green, violet, and blue. Deciding what furniture goes best with these shades is much like pairing the right wine with the right food. If you choose the wrong thing, your senses will most likely let you know.

Best Furniture Colors for Gray Walls (with Green Undertones)

A gray that has green undertones, such as Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, looks stunning when paired with the following furniture ideas:

Light Furniture with Gray Walls

1. Off-White Furniture

If your walls are painted in a gray that has green undertones, such as Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore, then I recommend using furniture in off-white tones.

Off-white furniture with leather or velvet upholstery in dark jewel tones like mustard, teal, ruby red, deep green, etc., would be a perfect match for gray walls with green undertones.

2. Rust Sofa with Off-white Armchairs 

A deep rust velvet sofa paired with off-white upholstered armchairs and a round wood coffee table with marble inlay; another mind-blowing design to try with gray walls. This combo is a good launching point to continue designing the rest of your room.

3. Natural Wood Furniture 

Natural wood furniture would also pair nicely with walls that are painted gray with green undertones. You can go with red oak, white pine, and teak wood for bright furniture with dark upholstery for a perfectly balanced color story!

Try looking for furniture with channel tufting. It elevates the look and feels of any sofa or chair. Combining these things will create a luxurious vibe in your home.

Best Furniture Colors for Gray Walls (with Blue Undertones)

Cool and light gray walls with blue undertones can be designed with these stunning furniture colors:

Black Furniture with Blue-Gray Walls

4. Blue Furniture

If your walls have been painted gray with more of the blue undertones, such as Boothbay Gray or Brewster Gray by Benjamin Moore, I would recommend choosing furniture in blues and navy.

Not only would the furniture add a color pop to the neutral backdrop, but it would also offer a bold touch to the space.

5. Cream-toned Furniture

You could go for cream-toned furniture if you’re more on the lighter side. It would balance out the cool tones of the walls and brighten up the room!

6. Dark Solid Wood Furniture

If you are a lover of solid wood furniture, you can choose medium to dark shades for your room. Dark wood would bring a lovely vintage vibe to your home.

7. Black Furniture

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of black because it will complement any gray tones. Most black metal or wood furniture looks great against gray walls.

And black upholstered furniture and armchairs with contrasting accessories really pop when paired with gray paint, especially with blue undertones.

A classy combination with this paint color would be a golden upholstered sofa paired with black leather armchairs and a medium wood coffee table.

Best Furniture Colors for Gray Walls (with Violet Undertones)

It might be hard to imagine that gray paint can have violet or purple undertones, But, just a hint of it can create lovely, calming grays such as DoveTail by Farrow & Ball or Fashionable Gray by Sherwin Williams.

Dark Furniture with Gray Walls

8. Jewel Toned Furniture 

I think choosing furniture in rich jewel tones often looks best against gray with violet undertones. Colors like deep teal, gold tones, and fuchsia are a quirky way to spice up the neutral backdrop of your space.

Besides, sofas and couches with channel tufting would add a lavish feel when you’re working with jewel tones.

9. Ivory Furniture 

You can also go completely neutral with any ivory or beige tone upholstery and pair it with Scandinavian-style wood furniture. It will create a fully different, more soothing design using the same paint color.

What Furniture Goes with Greige Walls?

In addition to the three gray paint undertones we have discussed so far, there is another color craze in the design world today called Greige. This color is a cross between gray and beige paint and is widely considered the “new gray.”

My favorite Greige shades that are always on repeat when designing a space are Colonnade Gray or Mindful Gray by Benjamin Moore. This shade is so versatile that I can choose virtually any colored fabric for a custom furniture piece or any wood finish with it.

You can try a wood armchair with a woven or woven back, and lived-in or relaxed leather sofas and armchairs are also great choices when paired with Greige wall paint.

Some Cool Tips While Choosing Furniture

  • When purchasing furniture to design your space, be sure to have a swatch of the paint you used on your walls. 
  • If you are buying online, many stores offer an option to view the piece in your home. So you can get a really good idea of what it will look like against your walls. 
  • Check and make sure you have the option to return any furniture item because, inevitably, once you bring it home, it always appears a little different depending on the lighting in your space.

Gray walls are undoubtedly the savior of neutral lovers these days! But when it comes to pairing furniture, it might get tricky. All you need to do is find the shade of gray on your walls and check out the furniture color options from this guide, and you’re done!